10 Pcs Protective Clear Safety Face Shields – Splash And Splatter Protection Isolation Plastic Face Shields For Men & Women

Reduce your risk of exposure by protecting your critical
zone. The central areas of the face are the most common areas for transmission
of infection, and they are also the areas most vulnerable to contamination
during certain procedures. So cover and protect your face and eyes from
spitting, splashes, and splatters with this plastic face shield that is a
must-have a protective face shield for multiple uses. These face shields for
women or face shields for men can be used as a safety shield, full face shield
mask, full cover face shield, ppe face shield, personal protection equipment,
they are going to protect you from the impact, debris, chemical splashes and
splatters and more.

10 Pack Face Shields with headband wrap around design
provides the wearer with great peripheral vision while acting as a protective
shield against non-hazardous liquid splash. You can wear the lightweight shield
comfortably for long periods and it fits easily over prescription glasses or
protective eyewear. Also, it treated with anti-fog and antistatic coating to
improve maximum visibility.

The transparent face shield is used as an industrial face
shield, construction face shield, by contractors, painters, and handymen, and
by DIY people. The clear face shield is made of plastic and is water and dust
resistant, disposable, and yet easy to clean. Used by other professionals as a
face protection shield and facial shield mask as a protective shield for face
and for face shield protection. Whether you are on a construction site,
painters, dentists, factory workers, dabbling in some at-home DIY projects,
assembly workers, make sure to pick up these safety face shields to protect
yourself from splashing liquids, and other hazardous materials. Increases your
level of protection by using this Protective Clear Safety Face Shields With
Elastic Headband. Go right ahead and click the link in or around here to get
them and stay safe!

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