Article Marketing – A Proactive Approach To Online Marketing

Do you know where you want to be? Have a plan for everything. Use a system for writing your articles. Successful article marketers use what’s commonly referred to as a template. From the title of your article to the points you want to cover, from the structure of your article to the way your article flows through to the resource box. Use an outline for your articles. It’s much easier to write them if you follow a plan. Do you have a plan on how many articles you need to write to get the traffic you want? You also need article writing goals to help you achieve the results you want. Track how many articles you have to how much traffic you get to set a goal – you’ll know how many more articles you need to write to get that traffic. Not learning from your mistakes – check your results from time to time. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. Titles draw people in to read your articles. Can you tweak your titles to get more viewers and ultimately more people clicking through your links? Does your article have a structure that makes it easy to read? Does the resource box flow from the article in such a way that people think it is part of the article? Or does it seem like there is a stop sign just before it so people stop reading and never follow through?

There are several different approaches when it comes to article marketing and one of the things to consider when submitting your articles to the these directories is the length of your articles. So the question you might be wondering is this, should we submit long articles or should we submit shorter ones? It’s hard to draw a line between long and short articles, but in general, long articles usually refer to articles with over 500 words and short articles usually refer to articles that have less than 400 words. The truth is, there is really no hard and fast rule to follow and it really depends on what you want to achieve with your articles. But based on what we understand, the Search Engines generally prefer longer articles. Some SEO experts believe that a good search engine optimized content page should consist at least 500 words but no more than 1000 words. So hypothetically, a page with more than 500 words is probably easier to rank in the search engines and you might want to submit longer articles if you want your pages to gain better rankings. On the other hand, if you are doing article marketing to promote your website, you may want to submit short articles because this will give you a higher click through rate on the links within the resource box. It’s been proven again and again that shorter articles will get your more clickthroughs.

Your articles will include a your signature (AKA: resource box) where you can include a link back your website. It should also include a bit of background info about your self, and a quick line promoting your offer. Anyone reading your article will see the links in this section, and can click right through to your web site. The more articles you write, the greater the number of backlinks you will get! Readers who find your articles in the various directory sites may also choose to reprint your work on their own websites. This will get your name, your writing and your links in front of even more people! Start by writing an engaging and useful article related to your business market or niche. When your article is compelling and gives value, the reader will be far more inclined to click the link back to your site. Make sure your articles are not mini sales letters. They should really provide useful information. In fact, the article directories will likely refuse your articles if they are promotional or trying to sell anything.

As an article marketer who has written articles merely to be writing about a subject I can tell you that those space-fillers were never my best work and eventually proved to be just as worthless at obtaining readers and then engaging them enough to read my entire article in order to persuade them to visit my website. A majority of the time I found that those articles pertained to subjects that I had little to no interest in myself, hence the boring, wasted articles I ended up writing to promote the niche topic. There is really no magic spell or secret ingredient to writing attention-grabbing articles that will work at creating engaging articles for you other than the school of hard knocks. However, a good rule of thumb is that if you want your writing to come across as engaging, entertaining and informative for your readers, than you should have a genuine interest in the subject or topic you are writing about.

This method is difficult, because it is much harder to get the point of humor across with just words. But if you can achieve it the benefits could last for years. How ofter do you get the same jokes, sometimes years apart, in an email from a friend? These stories usually stay alive and continue to be passed around long after they first appear. Even if you don’t have a funny bone in your body is perfectly acceptable to interpret and adapt materially would find on the Internet for your purposes. Bribery is another method and can make all the difference in making your article go viral. There have been many articles that have gone viral just by offering a small incentive for the reader to pass the article on. Some others offer free reports for referring others, if your offer is good, and the perceived value is high your results will be good. The nature of the internet is viral, so viral marketing is a natural on the internet. The internet continues to grow and has become gigantic through viral marketing. Probably the most famous viral marketing system is that of hotmail. Hotmail automatically inserts a signature into sent mail that offers a free account. Google sets the standard for what viral marketing is capable of doing. Google has not spent any money advertising. Google’s popularity increased solely by providing a great product and the word of mouth it created. Every promotional article you write and submit has the potential to go viral. Traffic will explode to your site if you are successful in making your article viral. To be successful, you must become an expert at using viral techniques in your writing.

Well, we so far have read tons of press releases, blogs, general news and articles on Search Engine Optimization Strategies, or SEO. Internet is in essence open press, where the privilege to be an author is virtually given to anybody and even if you dont have specific knowledge or product expertise you still can be an author and publish your expressions and emotions or even fiction stories in the form of blogging. Plus, internet authors can easily support their publications with photo illustrations, video and audio materials. Open press however doesnt typically expect authors to be paid. Considering this free contribution rules, one may say why at all should I contributing and write articles? The answer is simple as an author, by contributing to your product user community (educating them, helping them to resolve typical issues, provide other common knowledge), you generate traffic to your web site and by doing so, you potentially increase your sales.

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