Box with Lock and Padlock Included – Lock Box with Key for Keeping Your Smartphones Away from Children or Adults – Phone Prison That Holds up to 6 Large Smartphones

DISCONNECT FROM THE DIGITAL WORLD: LOCK UP YOUR PHONE – This box with lock with padlock included is designed to promote “family togetherness” and face-to-face conversation. Sometimes you just need a little family time away from social media and just being a slave to your phone. There’s now a smartphone jail so you can have some family time without screens.

PERFECT FOR DINNER TIME, STUDY TIME, FRIENDS TIME – The lock box with key is perfect for teachers to use in their classrooms, parents to use during dinner or family time, or to use personally if you have a cell phone addiction problem. The phone prison is like a jail cell that is a cage that allows you to lock multiple phones in a jail so that they can’t be used for a chosen time, until you open the padlock. This will be easy to put together without a hassle. 

HOLDS UP TO 6 LARGE SMARTPHONES. The cell phone prison jail cage with padlock is sturdy to keep your small items at a secure storage. Putting your smartphones here will let you focus on your study time, talk during dinners, and associate with the real world. This phone lock box is a great gift to friends and family who want to kick the habit of phone obsession. 

EVERY HOME NEEDS A PHONE PRISON JAIL CELL. Anyone who wants to have a perfect time with family and friends should have a cell phone locker. It will keep your phone away from your kids and even adults who want to curb down their cell phone use. You can still keep your phones charging while those are inside. It’s perfect for homes, offices, classrooms and anywhere you go.

PERFECT SIZE FOR COMPACT STORAGE. Add this phone lock box to your traveling kit. With dimensions 5.875” W x 7.375” H x 5” D. it is big enough to hold a decent amount of items yet not be too big for carrying around somewhere.

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