Four Affiliate Marketing Trends You Must Follow in 2019

Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2019

There were a lot of changes in affiliate marketing during 2018 and it seems that the whole process has matured, with increasing numbers of companies taking the matter much
more seriously and seem to be willing to increase their investment.

Email marketing along with affiliate marketing are two of the largest sources of online income, accounting for more than 16% of all e-commerce orders in the USA and Canada.

So, it is quite clear why affiliate marketing is only going to become more important during

Now, the two questions that must be asked are: What is the right course of action for you or your company, as well as which affiliate marketing trends should you focus on
during 2019? Here are the top four that you really should consider.

The rise of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has seen tremendous growth in relevance during 2018, as it has been
one of the trends to experience the biggest return on investment. According to some  recent reports, businesses,on average, are receiving $7.65 for each $1 they spend on
influencer marketing.

This seven-fold ROI is huge and it is one of the main reasons why this trend will continue to rise during 2019.

The importance of reviews continues upward

There is not much that can impact a company’s reputation as quickly as a bad review, so it is important to focus on obtaining positive ones. To be honest, a person looking to buy is more than likely, first going to google your product together with the word review, and it is the content of those reviews that is going to get them to actually buy.

It has been reported that 67.7% of buyers will read reviews about the products they intend to buy before making a decision, and that trend is very likely to continue.

Franchise companies, for example, can benefit from reviews, because large franchises tend to get a lot of reviews, and in many cases, the good ones far outweigh the bad. So,
by simply opting to be a part of a franchise you will be able to benefit from reviews that a particular brand gets on the daily basis.

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Social media is a necessary tool

Social media is still one of the greatest in the affiliate marketing arsenal, and this is a trend that shows no signs of stopping in the foreseeable future. Of course, you
should choose your platforms carefully.

So the first step is to decide which ones your target customer group uses the most and focus on them; is it Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or something else?

Now Instagram has a totally different bag of benefits, as a lot of businesses are using it as virtual storefronts. When their visitors want to buy a product, customers still have to click on the company’s website link in order to make the purchase.

So it is much like browsing the shop windows, then entering and getting the item that you want. The better-looking the window, the more likely you are to enter the store. So this is why it is important to invest in social media. And when it comes to Instagram, video is the way to go. In just a year’s time, video views on Instagram are up 80%

Mobile phone access still rising

Mobile phone affiliate marketing is something that can not be overlooked. However this should not be a surprise! If mobile is to account for up to 80% of all online traffic in the next few years,the marketing programs must be mobile friendly. Mobile affiliate marketing is the process of using offers, tactics and tools geared specifically for the mobile audience, and it should be one of the main trends to implement in 2019.

Of course before implementing a mobile phone campaign, you want to check the number of purchases that have originated from a mobile device.

This will give you a better idea of how much you should be investing. Then, if all looks good, you can try to harness the power of mobile by utilizing in-app ads.

Finally, make sure that your web ads and social ads translate well on mobile devices and that your website is always mobile friendly. With a reported 57% of users surfing your site from their mobile devices, you want to take full advantage of the three seconds you have to make a good impression when someone lands on your web page. It’s worth the investment.

By tapping into these top four affiliate marketing trends, you should be solidly positioned for the ride through 2019.

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