Free Website Traffic Strategies for More Website Traffic

Your own website is finished and set up on the server. The next step is to make it known and get traffic. If you don’t want to go to your savings, the first thing you will do is to look for free traffic. One of the most effective ways to get free traffic to your website is through quality content and a good article marketing strategy. Without good content, visitors won’t stay on your website for long and won’t see any of the offers you have prepared. Write articles about topics from your own niche, spread these articles on sites where they will be seen by as many people as possible. Also put them in different directories so that these articles are found in the search engines. If you have done the keyword optimization in the article correctly, it will also be found mainly by the desired consumer group. Your articles should of course also contain links to your pages and thus direct interested traffic to your website.

Another good chance to get free traffic is with backlinks on different social media sites and other websites that have at least remotely something to do with your niche. If possible from sites that have a high page rank themselves. But you should not only distribute your backlinks under the motto “mass instead of class” everywhere on the Internet. It is even quite important to pay attention to the environment of your backlinks. But just as you should not simply put your backlinks on any page, you should not have a link on your website from any other website. Of course you want to get as much interested traffic as possible through your backlinks. Go to forums, discuss on blogs and make a name for yourself as an expert.

After a while you will only be able to attract highly interested traffic to your site by a good comment on a blog or a good post in a forum. Social networks are very powerful and can direct free traffic to your website. There are now a ton of social networks where you can advertise your products or pages. The largest and most powerful sites in terms of driving traffic are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. There are many others however, keep your eye out for growing social media sites like Parler and Tiktok. The social network platforms offer some functions that you can use for your social media marketing. E.g. on these platforms it is usually very easy to reach a large number of people within seconds and send them news, information and offers. But on the other hand, you can easily address only single persons with private messages. Even the people who are not in your list can reach you this way. This way you effectively increase your advertising sphere of influence. Simply with a friend request, without having to get people to subscribe to your list via a squeeze page.

Finally, SEO is a very good way to drive traffic to your site. To make sure that the site is found by people who neither know your site nor you, but are looking for your products, you have to make sure that your site is optimized for search engines. That means it should be placed as high as possible on the SERPs for the right keywords. To achieve this, integrate your keywords into your website content. Headlines are an important evaluation criterion for search engines. Therefore you should use suitable headings for your content. Build your keywords into the headlines as well. Through the better placement on the SERPs you will be found much easier by your potential customers. The safest way to create a regular income is to build up a list. So try to generate as many leads as possible with the free traffic.

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