GoodMooty Shows The Future Of Social Media Help

Launch Of GoodMooty – Announcement

The New Social Caring Platform

GoodMooty is a social media platform that brings together
those needing support while struggling with the common challenges of life and
those who have gone through similar experiences, who understand their problems
and care enough to help.

“Life is tough and let’s face it – many of us are
finding it hard doing life in one area or another,” said GoodMooty’s founder.

“Most of us, if we’re really
honest with ourselves, recognize that we’re either in a fire, coming out of a
fire, or about to enter into one. These are just regular trials most of us face
at some point in our lives.”

Positive Community Impact

Ray Burton, a search engine
optimization and social media specialist, helped with the launch of the new

“GoodMooty is a community of
genuinely caring and supportive, everyday people encouraging those who have
been wounded by the various trials of life that the platform embraces,” said
Ray. “This includes those going through divorce/separation, financial
hardship, depression, loneliness, grieving, violence, trauma, health issues,
addictions or family issues – to name just a few.”

Each type of need is addressed in
a dedicated area of the platform where members with similar or related issues
gather around each other, to support or be supported.

Personal Privacy assurance

Two factors set GoodMooty apart
from other social media platforms. It is not subsidized by annoying, paid-for advertising
and it deliberately protects its members’ personal identities.

Members are totally anonymous and
therefore encouraged to open up about their personal stories and pain.  This is conducive for positive healing in a
trusting and nonjudgmental environment.

The GoodMooty Platform

The GoodMooty Platform aims to
attract 2 types of members. Those seeking personal kindness and support, and
those with a desire to encourage and help them through their time of need.

Being a social community
platform, its goals are to engage and benefit people from all walks of life,
anywhere in the world, and to provide personal fulfilment through ongoing,
active involvement.

GoodMooty is one of very few
platforms online focused on genuine caring and help across a wide range of
personal issues – by its members and for its members. 

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