As a medical professional and a female with fibrocystic breast disease, it truly bothers me when I hear X-Ray Mammography misrepresented as precautionary medication. X-Rays are never, shape or kind avoidance. X-Ray Mammography goes to best a kind of very early detection of bust cancer cells, but it can just discover a lump after it has expanded to a significant dimension. Also after that, X-Ray Mammography misses half of the growths in ladies, who have thick breasts. Since over 50% of premenopausal women and 25 percent of postmenopausal females have thick busts, a significant number of ladies go to threat of misdiagnosis by depending only on X-Ray Mammography. This is specifically true for women with fibrocystic bust condition– or for ladies with mark tissue in their breasts.I am personallyvery concerned concerning identifying breast condition because of my household history– my sis passed away of bust cancer when she was 41. That’s why I started obtaining Infrared Mammograms years ago. Unlike X-Rays, Infrared Mammography does not call for call with your busts or direct exposure to damaging radiation. While X-Ray Mammograms are images of the breast composition, Infrared MAMMOGRAMS are photos of your bust metabolism, to ensure that also pre-cancerous swelling or tiny growths can be identified, because they generate added warm due to boosted blood flow.

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