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What is Pixelmate?

Pixelmate is a state-of-the-art all-in-one graphics animation suite that will allow you to build any type of eye-catching animated campaign, animated banner ads, image ads video ads using gifs  and html.

That’s right. It’s a cloud-based Application that you can access anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing global access using  Windows or Macintosh  operating systems.

Pixelmate Benefits

Believe it or not,  the graphics you use in your sales material says a lot about your business.  Now you can turn your boring drab sales project into a crisp looking graphical powerhouse.

Pixelmate will supercharge the way you capture  buyer traffic leads and sales on all of your promotions and on any website  or social media platform .

Pixelmate Features

The software comes complete with over 1,000 copyright free, high converting graphic templates that you can easily customize in just a few easy clicks.

So, if you want to turn your boring text to a highly captivating, colorful graphical content that will grab your visitor’s attention and drive them to take positive action, Pixlemate is your answer.

These graphics can also be used to post on social media.  This will in turn, increase engagement and  drive more traffic to wherever you direct,  generating more leads and sales.

With  clickable graphics Pixel mate allows you to create both static and animated graphics. The choice is entirely yours. You’ll be able to create an unlimited number of high quality graphics such as animated videos static or animated Images, banners and gifs for your campaigns and you’ll be able to see your animated graphics in real time using the live preview option that is  built in.

Real-time tracking  makes it easy to segment your best graphics or animations based on  performance.The editor is user-friendly and is fully equipped with a variety of customizable options.

The editor allows you to access over 200 text fonts, 16 animations effects, 1 million plus images or you can even choose to upload your own shapes, colorful backgrounds gradient textured backgrounds etc.

You can create multiple image slides and create professional presentations easily and quickly using the built-in advanced animations graphics editor  pixel Mate really is the graphics editor of choice.

You can add clickable links to different objects in your design as well. Pixelmate is so easy to use that you can  launch an award-winning campaign in four easy steps.

How Does Pixelmate Work?

Step 1: simply select an eye-catching design from thousand-plus professionally designed creative templates.

Step 2: Simply customize your selected template with the inbuilt drag-and-drop editor.

Step 3: Render and download your finished high-quality royalty-free graphic in either mp4 JPEG PNG gif HTML or even in PDF format.  You can even choose to share it across social media in one easy simple click

Step 4:  All that is left to do is sit back and track your winning campaigns as they turn into leads and sales.

There is so much that you can do with your Pixel mate package and so much potential with all of the included royalty-free graphics.

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