The Power Of WhatsApp Marketing And How You can use it to Generate Income Weekly.

WhatsApp Marketing: Before now, the use of email marketing was one of the most effective ways to win and retain both prospective and current customers. With a good Copywrite, the recipient can get hooked on Stories and make decisions to act based on the new series of information he is being exposed to.

The average open rate for email is about 8% – 20% and can be up to 30% if you are good at it. In fact, the open rate can be up to 50% for follow up emails.

However, the new technology involving chats is the new future of marketing because virtually every one of us is connected to chatting Apps. With the advantage of an almost 100% open rate, the click-through rate is also very high

They also cannot unsubscribe except they block your line.

This can easily be achieved by offering a product or service for free and get prospects to join your WhatsApp group for them to assess your free offer.

Free training is the easiest bait to attract tons of people who are interested to learn about something/program.

So, if you want to fill your WhatsApp Group, offering free training is the best way to fill it up. It works every single time,

Ensure you deliver great contents and nail the presentation, thereafter upsell your products/services

Why is WhatsApp Marketing Very Effective?

WhatsApp is a common App that everyone with an Android phone has access to.

It is highly interactive and engaging with the highest open rate among all social media networks (as much as 80%).

You can reach people one-on-one, interact and close business deals very fast as people pay attention to their WhatsApp messages

Ecommerce products, online courses, affiliates products, network marketing, Coaching and Consulting Businesses, and so on can use WhatsApp to promote products and services.

The 3 Steps to sell with WhatsApp are

1. Create a WhatsApp group

2. Offer free training for your prospect to join the WhatsApp group you have created.

3. Deliver the training and then upsell thereafter

You can go ahead and use these steps yourself. However, if you are interested in learning how this is done professionally, l encourage you to check out the programs.

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