Top 4 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Marketing Effectiveness

Why Twitter?

Twitter is one of the best platforms to engage in a semi-formal two-way communication with our existing and potential customers. Interactions through simple tweets can boost customer connectivity with a company and its brand. Here are the top four ways you can increase your marketing impact via Twitter.

1. Think of followers as potential customers

Twitter can be  a lead-generation powerhouse as long as the tweets have the right content and can engage your target customers.  Also, keep in mind that over 95% of followers in popular accounts could be fake, so using a tool like might be useful. Posting tweets on a regular basis will increase the number of followers.  Ask simple questions to encourage more follower interaction.

2.  Tweet during rush hours for maximum reach.

There is a very small window of time during which the largest numbers of followers are online to notice your tweets, click on your links and visit your website.  To get the most response from followers it is best to tweet between 10 AM and Noon.

Be available online at this time to interact with followers; Friday is the best day of the week for increased follower engagement.


3.  Increase tweet visibility with right hashtags

Right hashtag can be effectively used to market to your target audience as it filters unrelated tweets and connects with your  potential customers. Hashtag is the symbol ‘#’ added just before a  word. The hashtag allows the user to join an ongoing topic or start a new dialogue.  Twitter users leverage these hashtags to reach relevant tweets.

When a tweet is posted with right hashtag it stimulates interest among a segment of Twitter users, and in seconds, the message reaches millions who then become active promoters of company products and services through retweets, new tweets,comments and feedback.

When it comes to hashtag usage,less is best!  Stuffing your tweets with a lot of hashtags looks spammy and the real message is lost.   Industry stats confirm an increase of 21% engagement on tweets  having 1-2 hashtags over those having more than two.

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4.  KISS – keep it short and simple

280 characters are the maximum for a single tweet so use them wisely.    Avoid long contents and instead give catchy titles with a  customized link.   Post tweets using a link shortener to direct followers to a desired page.

Create tweets that hold the potential buyer’s attention and encourage retweeting. Include images and videos to enhance your message.  Include new content in new tweets to keep your followers interested in what you have to say.

These are all methods that can be used to instantly boost your Twitter Marketing effectiveness by growing your audience and getting traction to your goods and service offerings.

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