Uses for a Professional Percussion Massage Gun

This is an amazing and powerful percussion massage gun. This massage gun
is used on humans, dogs, cats and horses! The deep muscle fascia
massage gun is a portable rechargeable vibration device with large
torque and long adjustments. Rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles. With upgraded version of a
high-definition LCD screen, touch buttons, accurate display frequency
and power. Convenient single-handed operation with a comfortable
anti-sweat, non-slip grip for comfortable use. Provides 20 adjustable speeds with 6 massage heads to meet your various
muscle relaxation needs. Whether it’s daily relaxation or a professional
who needs a deep massage, you can find the right amplitude.

A percussion massage gun is a hand-held deep tissue tool that uses rapid
strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles. the massage gun
delivers strong pulses and vibrations into the muscle tissue, promoting
better circulation, relaxing the muscles, and easing pain and soreness. No complicated manuals or heavy equipment needed for the portable
self-professional massager tool. Power button is at the bottom, the LED
panel features the vibration level and battery level. It also comes with
a portable suitcase and a charger.

About The Attachments

Round – Round spherical design produces a power output of propagating and
diffusing type between receiving and pushing. Strength is even and soft.
It is suitable for massage and relaxation of waist, abdomen, buttocks
and legs. As well as muscle relaxation before and after exercise for
fitness enthusiasts like running, dancing, yoga, aerobics, swimming,

U-Shaped – The force path between the two points is even, the stimulation is in
place and powerful, which can effectively carry out a simple acupressure
massage. The dual-pronged head allows you to target areas such as the
spine and could be helpful for back pain. It can also be used for other
places like the calf muscles or along the achilles too.

Flat Head – This particular massage gun attachment is perfect for shoulder blades
and IT bands, as it is great for full body massage and relaxation.
Precisely engineered for smaller surface area and it is also perfect for
use on more dense muscle groups.

Bullet Head – Used for pinpoint muscle treatment and smaller muscle groups like hands
and feet. It’s great for trigger point massage but shouldn’t be used for
longer than 15 seconds per muscle area.

Wedge – For use in narrow areas.

Arch – Use on large muscle groups

Don’t miss out on this quality massage gun.

handheld massage gun

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