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This is something that is usually found in every professional photographer’s studio along with Gaffer tape. The diameter of the end of the snoot and the distance the light is from the subject determine the size of the light spot. A monopod, on the other hand will help you get sturdy in thick situations like when inside bushes or when the area does not give you the luxury of spreading out a tripod through a wider plane. this one is the fill light and is used (or not used) to fill in the shadows created by the main light

Discuss releasing the wedding photographs on disk, and what the copyright issues are. Another easy way for you to cash in with photo library is to look into the ‘wanted list’ in the digital stock photography agencies. You can make a very good income at home with your digital camera. My point was not to put down the mall shooters

It is no longer the case now. The technical aspect of photography has exploded with the advent of digital photography. This landscape, together with the ever-changing weather means Snowdonia has more than enough to challenge any level of photographer. The Snowdonia Mountains are a paradise for hiking, climbing and many other activities, one of which is landscape photography. Not only do you need to learn all the artistic angles of setting up and shooting a photograph, you must also learn to be a fine image editor in computer

Patterns are generally a no-no. Go with different shades and go with a complementary style. So here are a few of my ideas


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