What Businesses need In 2021 to survive


If you haven’t incorporated the following online mechanisms yet – you are in serious trouble:

  • 1. Online Presence
  • 2. Automated delivery mechanism
  • 3. Automated digital engagement system

Why? Because if the year 2020 taught us anything – it is that brick-and-mortar-only businesses aren’t flexible enough to endure the onslaught of worldwide pandemics. 

All doom and gloom? Not quite! It has actually opened up the door to more opportunities than ever before! In times of crises the best will prosper. 

Luckily we don’t live in the 1980’s anymore… 


So technology has enabled us to gain access to software solutions that was previously only privy to those corporates with big budgets and an army of programmers.

This means that you can run your entire online business from within one solution!

As with most things in life:

The answer lies in simplicity and unity. 

Simplicity –

because you don’t want to spend 3 months just to master the basics of working in the system. You need this solution to save you time and money. Not to cost you exactly those….

Unity –

because you don’t want to Duct Tape 17 different solutions together just to get one sales flow working. Not only is that a total waste of money – but to find the weak or broken link in a chain of totally different software solutions will challenge your sanity.

The advantage to this type of site is it allows you to recycle your traffic. Why articles are the best promotional tool for your affiliate blog? Because you will continually receive targeted visitors to your affiliate blog for the work you do once. This is complete and utter rubbish yet daily my email in-box is filled with such claims and promises of instant riches. Write product reviews and article related to your topic

Let’s say you decide you want to sell some of these items but you don’t want to purchase them upfront (in case they don’t do well); you don’t want to stock inventory of the items in order to bypass the shipping; and you really don’t want to keep track of the orders. The bad news is, if you went to a physical warehouse and told the owner that this is the way you want to do business, you’d be shown the door. Affiliate marketing online can generate revenue fairly quickly. You find a product you like, promote it to a target audience, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. It allows other Web sites to publish information of their own choices of books

When you sell product that is new and unique you can increase your chance of success as an affiliate marketer. The second tier is for sales up to $1500. Becoming an affiliate marketer has more benefits than most any other business. Find a place where you can work undisturbed for most of the time. That is the downline levels definition

It goes without saying that if you have joined a popular internet marketing affiliate program that targets your audience and pays out huge commissions then so have other people. But only after you have done some research to determine whether this coincides with the audience you want to target. If your link popularity is very good then your rating will also be very good and a good rating means more traffic driven to your website which is very desirable for this kind of business as it will generate more sales

Do you want to sell women fashion products like shoes and bags or you want to sell information products like eBooks and software applications? Find that niche that relates with your interest. Overnight success is usually years in the making!. If you are joining a search engine marketing program, you probably will be placing text links or banners to their advertisers, and you’ll be paid on a pay-per-click fee. What are you good at?. This takes skills and hard work, but anyone can do it if they possess average intelligence

Keeping your product line specific to products you truly believe in and trust will keep your patrons believing in you as an expert. It is advised to change font size, colours etc. In this article, we will look at one such method just to show you how easy it is to implement. This commentary contains worthy information to aid you in building a successful and profitable affiliate site


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